The installation of our machines is implemented by SVR SEVER MAKİNE A.Ş.

After completing the installation of the machine, our professional team will start to train the team worker or the operator about how to use the machine.

After the machine is unloaded to the area where it will be installed, our team will make the installation within a maximum of 5 working days unless there is force majeure,.

The floor of the area where the machine will be installed must be flat and the electrical installation must be sufficient.

The installation is made within an average of 3-7 days depending on the type and quantity of machines purchased.

The operator and/or team that will use the machine must be available at the installation site.

After the machine is installed, its first operation will be performed. The operator will be expected to operate the machine for 1 day in order to solve all undesirable situations that may occur.

The training is provided by our company and it is completely free of charge.