This machine is used to combine the PVC film with galvanized wire in order to produce the grass fence, and it is the first stage in the process of grass fence production. This machine is the first step for those wishing to start working in this field.

The PVC film is transformed into a grass shape due to a cutting machine and is pressed by the rotating drum between two rows of galvanized wires with diameter Ø 1,6 mm by bending method and without the use of any chemical so that the grass wire is ready for the knitting stage.

It makes it ready for processing, which is a sub-stage of grass wire preparation.
The machine can be stopped in any emergency by using the emergency mode switches

Our machine is user-friendly and even a worker with no wire knitting experience can easily use it after receiving a short training .

SVR LONG machine is the first choice of our customers who want to produce grass fences due to its ease of use and its economical price. It is more preferable to use two machines to better feed the knitting machine and to increase its production capacity.

Customers who want to produce grass wire with higher production capacity and fully automatic system are recommended to use “SVR ROVER”.

  • Working System:Semi-automatic
  • PVC Film Thickness: :100 micron (Tolerance 10%)
  • PVC Film Width: 60 mm – 80 mm
  • PVC Film Thickness: 100 micron (Tolerans %10 )
  • Production Capacity: 10 m² / Hour
  • Machine Dimensions: 2.00 m x 10.00 m
  • •Machine Working Area 50 m² ( 5.00 mt x 10.00 mt )
  • Machine Weight: 2000 Kg (including all equipments)
  • Number of Workers required: 1 Operator
  • Coil Winding Capacity: ~2.00 m² (grass wire)
  • Machine Power: 5 kW*
  • Electrical Energy Required: 380 V
  • Duration of work: Ability to work 24 hours uninterrupted
  • Machine Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Machine Warranty: 2 Years**
  • Spare Parts Warranty: 10 Years***
  • Number of Coils: 10 Pieces****
  • Training:Free

* The required electrical power is 5 kW including all equipment
** The warranty period is two years and it includes the malfunctions resulting from manufacturing faults. For malfunctions caused by operating errors, on-site paid repair service or online free repair service is provided.
** Spare parts of the machine can be purchased and for a period of ten years, starting from the date of sale of the machine
**** 10 pieces of winding coils are provided free of charge. Additional requested winding coils are chargeable.