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The grass wire production is the first step in the procedure of grass fence production and can be prepared by combining PVC film with the galvanized wire.

In order to achieve this first step, we present to you our new machine called “SVR ROVER”, and we hope that it will recieve your appreciation and admiration


“SVR ROVER”, which offers many new innovations such as PVC rupture sensors, Arkun ® new generation double drum cutting technology, compact structure, is unique with its high production capacity and its design distinguished.

It provides a longer tassel and grass length with a narrower PVC film through its cross-cutting drums.

Thus your production cost is reduced, and you will save space because of  its ergonomic dimensions.

Let’ meet together at the 44th Building, Construction Materials and Technologies TURKEYBUILD fair
We will be at The Wire&Tube Düsseldorf fair, one of the most prestigious specialized fairs in the world, between 20-24 June 2022.