The machine purchased from our company is under warranty for 2 years against production, material and product faults.

Warranty Period: Exactly 24 months

The warranty period starts from the date of purchase of the machine and continues for the next 24 months.

The conditions stated below are excluded from the warranty.

  • Malfunctions due to usage
  • Abrasions or malfunctions caused by natural causes.
  • Malfunctions that may occur as a result of use other than those specified in the user manual.
  • Malfunctions that occur as a result of adjustments, changes or additions made on the product without our knowledge.
  • Malfunctions resulting from the use of spare parts supplied outside of our company.
  • Malfunctions that may occur as a result of the ground where the machine is located. (It must be a flat ground.)


At least ten years spare parts supply warranty is given to our customers who buy our products or machines.

Spare parts for our machines are offered to our customers for a maximum period of ten years in return for payment, even if the machines are renewed or removed from production.