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What is Grass Fence?

Grass Fence is a product obtained by compressing two edge-cut PVC films between two galvanized wires. A grass Fence product that you can easily use to get a grass appearance anywhere is used in many areas around the world and in Turkey.

Where are the Grass Fence Usage Areas?

Grass Fence can be easily used in gardens, patios, schools, factories, military zones, pools, playgrounds, sports fields, warehouses, factories, roadsides, hospitals, closing bad-looking areas (such as garbage containers) and many more. It can be applied very easily, especially in areas where the outward view is closed and the grass appearance is desired.

While Grass Fence is preferred for decoration purposes, it is also preferred in many areas due to its resistance to the sun and UV rays, easy to clean, very practical and applicable wherever you want, natural appearance, resistance to rain, wind and not easily catching fire.

With the grass fence, you can protect your building from external factors, prevent the entry of unwanted animals such as cats and dogs, and provide privacy by cutting the view from the outside with its dense texture. With its very easy installation, you can apply it to the area you want in a short time. Moreover, you can achieve all these with a wonderful and natural grass look.

Where Should I Buy?

The purpose of Grass Fence products is to be able to use it for many years at once. That’s why buying the right product is very important both for your budget and your satisfaction. Svr Sever Makine San. and Tic. Inc. has been producing Grass Fence machines for many years and it  is proud of being among the “100 fastest growing companies in Turkey” in 2020 and 2021 througth its exports to more than 50 countries in the world.

Sever Makine continues to be a pioneer and leader company in this field by working with 100% customer satisfaction both in the domestic market and in the countries it exports to. Do not hesitate to Contact us for getting information about our Grass Fence machines and to learn about the most suitable solutions for you from our expert staff.


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Grass Fence - Question/Answer
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