Grass Fence – Question/Answer

Grass Fence –Question/Answer

You can find below the answer to all your questions concerning grass fence. If the answer you are looking for is not mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our expert staff is always available to help you.

Where Can I Use Grass Fence?

The grass fence usage areas continue to increase day by day. You can use it to prevent the entry or exit of animals such as cats and dogs in residential and commercial businesses such as home gardens, verandas, terraces, playgrounds, roadsides, schools, hospitals, military areas, restaurants, pools, or you can apply it in areas where privacy is required and in areas with bad views (such as garbage containers).

Is Grass Fence Flammable?

Grass does not catch fire due to technical characteristics of our raw material PVC used in the fence.

In Which Weather Conditions Can Grass Fence Be Used?

Since our PVC used is made of heat and cold resistant material, the grass fence is resistant to all weather conditions either in extreme cold or very hot weather.

Do you need a fence to apply a Grass Fence?

No, it can be applied to places where there is no fence due to the mesh wire available in the grass fence

Does the color of the grass fence fade after a while?

No, there will be no fading in the color of the grass fence due to UV protection available in our PVC. The quality of the PVC plays an important  role in extending the use life of the fence

Does the wire in the Grass Fence rust?

No, the wire used in the grass fence is stainless.

Can I install my Grass Fence elsewhere?

Yes, you can use your easily removable Grass fence elsewhere. Therefore, it is important that you do the disassembly process correctly.

Does the Grass Fence have maintenance costs?

No, Grass fence does not need any maintenance after it is applied to the desired place.

Can Grass Fence Be Washed?

Yes. You can easily clean the grass fence as you wish with non-acidic cleaning materials.

How Can I Install My Grass Fence?

The installation of the grass fence depends on the place where it will be applied. Installation by experts will extend the life of your grass fence.

Can I apply Grass Fence to my wooden fence or concrete wall?

Yes, you can apply grass fence to your wooden fence or concrete wall by using Nails.

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