This machine is used to produce the most well-known product among wire fence systems known by several names such as spiral wire fence, wire mesh fence, and also the cage wire fence.

The “SPIDER machine” can prepare chain link fences with  various sizes of mesh opening and allows the use of wires with different  thicknesses.

With its unique and distinctive design, and in addition of being economical and easy to install, the cage wire mesh system is based on the principle that galvanized / PVC coated wires are twisted and intertwined.

The “SPIDER” wire knitting machine relies on the pneumatic system, and through its separately moving parts it produces spiral wire mesh systems with great speed and low cost.

The compressor required for the operation of the pneumatic system is included in the system.

The knitting speed, the height of the fence to be knitted, the width of the fence and other data can be adjusted by the operator due to the 7” PLC touch screen.

It has a fully automatic working system.

  • Working System: Fully automatic
  • Galvanized Wire Thickness: Between Ø 1,80mm – Ø 3,20 mm
  • Pvc Coated Wire Thickness: Between Ø 2.50 mm – Ø 4.20 mm
  • Machine Mold Mesh Dimensions  : Between 40 x 40 mm – 85 x 85 mm
  • Knitting Height: Min: 50 cm – Max: 600 cm (Based on 200 cm as standard)
  • Production Capacity: 150 m² / Hour
  • Number of Wires: 2 Pieces
  • Screen Type: 7” PLC touch screen
  • Machine Dimensions: 2.00 m x 5.00 m *
  • Machine Working Area: 50 m² (5.00 mt x 10.00 mt) *
  • Machine Power: 8 Kw***
  • Electrical Energy Required: 380 V
  • Machine Weight: 2000 Kg (including all equipment)
  • Number of Workers Required: 1 Worker
  • Duration Of Work: Ability to work 24 hours uninterrupted
  • Machine Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Machinery Equipment: Wire cutting scissors + Wire bending scissors + 2 molds + Knife
  • Machine Warranty: 2 Years****
  • Spare Parts Warranty: 10 Years*****
  • Education : Free

*The chain link fence machine system was calculated on the basis of 2 meters. It can also produce 3-4-5-6 meters. If it is desired to weave wire mesh at different heights, the length of the machine and the working area change.

** 8 kW electrical power is required including all equipment.

*** The warranty period is two years and it includes the malfunctions resulting from manufacturing faults. For malfunctions caused by operating errors, on-site paid repair service or online free repair service is provided.

**** Spare parts of the  machine can be purchased  and for a period of ten years, starting from the date of sale of the machine.